NZ Waterski Association


NZWSA  acts as the Water Skiing Sports Organisation Head for ...

  • NZ Tournament Water Ski Association 
  • NZ Barefoot Water Ski Association
  • NZ Water Ski Racing Association 
  • Wakeboarding NZ  
  • Cable NZ

It is the focus of this non-profit organisation to actively promote water skiing at all levels throughout New Zealand

On behalf of members  we are constantly dealing with...

  • SPARC on grants for Events and Individuals 
  • Working with SPARC to retain our Government status and retain our group funding which is split between the Divisions 
  • Working with SPARC to try and give our young studying athlete’s help to Study and perform and gain some of the facilities that other sports enjoy like mentoring 
  • Working with the NZ Sports Drug institute to educate ALL of our skiers on the effects of Drugs in Sport 
  • Answering enquiries from Employers who have prospective employee’s with Water Skiing on there CV’s 
  • Talking to Press regarding Incidents involving Water Skiing & Water Sports ( member related or not ) and Internationally 
  • Ensuring NZ Holds it’s status in the International World, Not only through Tournament, Barefoot, Ski Race and Wake Board but also the Skiers that enrol in Summer Camp Schools and Ski Schools around the globe 
  • Working to ensure NZ doesn’t fall behind in the rest of the World

The constitution states that if you are NOT Affiliated to NZWSA...

  • You would be unable to hold any event ( other than in your own club with your own members ) 
  • If you did hold an event and had some major problem, Then you would basically be on your own and would have no support with OSH or NZ Govt 
  • Your Event could not be sanctioned by any Division ( Therefore as an example “ The Karapiro Slalom would not be sanctioned or would not appear on the NZTWSA Calendar 
  • None of your members would be able to compete in a NZ National Event ( regardless of whether they were members of say NZTWSA ) they would be unable to compete 
  • None of your skiers would be eligible for the World Ranking List 
  • None of your Skiers would be able to represent NZ in any form 
  • You would not be able as a Club to apply for Lottery or “Pub Charity” type Grants 
  • You would have NO support at National Government level for example if you were having trouble at Local Government level Further to this the NZWSA 
  • The New Zealand Water Ski Association is the governing body for Water Skiing in New Zealand, That is Tournament, CLUB, Barefoot, Ski Racing , Wake Boarding and Disabled -
  • The International Water Ski Federation will only deal with Affiliated National Bodies,(NZWSA) Not Divisions or Club’s 
  • The NZ Government will only talk and deal with National Bodies,(NZWSA) Not individual Divisions or Club’s 
  • Offers a Mediation Role between Divisions, Clubs and Members