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Hall of Fame Nomination Form

  Selection Process

Selection for the Hall of Fame requires the affirmative vote of majority members of the Selection Committee. A maximum of five individuals can be elected in each two-year period.


For a skier to be eligible for consideration he/she must have competed in at least two World, World Cup or Oceanic Championships and must have been retired from Open competition for at least two additional 4 years. The primary considerations in voting for a skier are his/her skiing record in the National Championships, Records set, sportsmanship, character and integrity. 

  • A competitor must have competed in at least two International Championships at Open Level or equivalent level in the discipline from which selected..
  • A competitor must have been retired for a period of at least two National Championships at Open or equivalent level at the time of consideration for election to be eligible. The competitor may, however, continue to be active in Senior or other divisions or disciplines or as an official or may be otherwise involved in the sport.


Selected primarily based on significant contributions to water skiing at National level over a period of at least 10 years & covering Executive Officials, Judges & Volunteers. Officials need not be retired from the sport to be recognized. 

  • General Qualifications. It is not possible to lay down specific qualifications in a category as broad as that of officials. Generally a candidate would be recognized for major contributions to the sport over a considerable period of years. Election would not be based on an isolated outstanding contribution. At the same time, mere length of service, however dedicated and generous, that cannot be said to have contributed significantly to the progress of the sport in one or more areas, is not sufficient. The emphasis will be on achievements, not on offices held or time served.
  • Type of Service. The term ‘official’ is intended to encompass a wide range of functions within the sport. Primary consideration will be given to contributions to the sport as qualified official, NZWSA or officer or Executive Board, Council or Committee member. Secondary consideration should be given to contributions as a Divisional executive or officer. With respect to all of these functions, the emphasis will be on contributions of nationwide significance. Candidates are not generally to be judged on a single function, but rather accumulation of contributions in all the areas in which they were involved. It is expected that most of those inducted will have contributed in several areas, even though one may predominate.
  • Length of Service. Generally it is expected that 10 years of service to the sport at Confederation or worldwide levels would be required as a minimum for consideration. Exceptions may be made in extraordinary circumstances. Mere length of service, by itself, does not qualify an individual for consideration.
  • Retirement. Retirement from active involvement in the sport is neither a requirement for nomination nor to be encouraged. Generally we want to recognize a candidate whilst they are still involved & can contribute to the sport. We must not wait for the candidate’s death or senility to recognize significant contributions to the sport. Generally a minimum age at induction of 50 would be required unless the candidate was clearly retired prior to that time.


This category is neither defined nor definable but is intended for individuals whose contributions to the International aspect of our sport do not fall into the other categories.



The submission of Nominations is open to all so that all Disciplines have an equal opportunity. The only provision is that each is approved by their own Divisional Association. Candidates may be put forward as Athletes, Officials or Legends or Life Members



Selectors will be nominated by the executive of NZWSA


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